Skilled Work

Topics: Robotics, Sociology, Robot Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: March 4, 2013
We all know that this is the time of advancement and technology. The world is changing at a fast pace and everyday we come across astonishing realities. Here is one marvellous achievement of social animal that has put us in the state to think how the brain works and do splendid things. One of the achievemnet in technological set up is the formation of robotics that are said to take place of human workers as they are being used as a skilled worker to operate machines in order to run the factories. The philips electronic factory at the coast of china has started to take work from the robots to assemble electric shavers that were supposed to be done by the human workers. The quality of work that robots shows is way fast and quick than a low wage worker. The chief executive states that the capability of robot to work has opened the ways to success. The efficiency and accuracy the robotics shows has obviously taken its place in the new era of technology. Not only phillips is launching and taking work from robots, but many companies like “Apple” are on a move to make millions of smart phones from robots along with additional workers. Many critics are in the opinion that the entry of robotic technology in the factories leaves a great impact on the economy and success of the company. Moreover, the technologyis the source of generating revenues from the quality work. The question arises whether the technology will be a source to increase lay offs and in the support of this query, the chief executive of philips views that without the human workers, success of robotic technology would not be accomplished as human brain is more complex than a robot and it can think skeptically and this quality would not be a reason to put off the worker from his work. Sociological point of view in regard with the article expands many thinkable aspects to discuss and elaborate the use of technology as this whole phenomena is related to society and people...
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