Industries That Use Robots

Topics: Fruit, Army, MQ-9 Reaper Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Robot Industries

Joshua Nath

Part 1:

3 Industries which robots are increasingly becoming the preferred option to perform tasks

1. Military
The military has quite a big range of robots ranging from sentry guns to drones. A few of these robots are called * DRDO Dakash – recover bombs
* MARCbot – inspects objects
* MQ-9 Reaper – air drone
Robots are being used in these in the military because they believe that future wars will be fought my automated weapons. They also are starting to use robots because they are preparing for future modern warfare.

* Robots don’t get tired
* Robots operate on their own
* Robots eliminate risk of death in humans
* Robots can perform and do their task better than humans

* Robots can malfunction
* They can become self sufficient
* Robots can receive viruses which can infect the army

2. Health-care robots
Health care robots are robots that are very useful, they help the patient their wellbeing without nurses. Some of the robots are * Atheon TUG – moves supplies, medication and linens
* Vasteras Giraff – a communication tool which allows the patient to communicate with the outside world, similar to Skype * Magnetic Microbots – They travel into the body and carry out delicate tasks

* Very time saving and energy saving
* Innovative
* Helpful towards patients

* Patients wont be comfortable with robots at first
* Robots can always malfunction
* Patients might not be comfortable with tiny microbots inside their bodies

3. Agricultural robots
Agricultural robots are used for agricultural purposes e.g. milking cows. Some of the robots are * Oracle robot – used for sheep shearing
* Fruit picking robot - used to pick ripe fruits
* Agbot – solar powered, multipurpose robot can be used to fertilize and plant seeds

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