Site Layout Planning Ealing W5 5rf

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Real Site Layout

Map Site Layout

It is important to maintain a high standard of duty, facility, resource management, in accordance to the Health and Safety & CDM Regulations, in order to convey a better atmosphere for all members of staff and workers. The following will analyse all aspects of our Construction Management Project Plans, to ensure how we will create a satisfying duty of care to all members of the construction team working for the UWL Student Accommodation Project 2012/2013. Site Location

University Of West London, Park Road Via St Marys Road, Ealing, W5 5RF. The new building will be constructed on an unused field area, and car park, belonging to the university. The construction site is bounded by protected trees, at the south side of the building, parallel to a public building (YMCA), and the boundary on the west and north side of the building, which leads to the main and side road. The projected building will be built within the white box on the Real Site Layout diagram, and Blue of the Map Site Layout diagram. Site Setup and Logistics

In order to meet the CDM and Health and Safety obligations, it will be necessary to afford a fully functional and compliant temporary site accommodation arrangement as part of the site setup. Prior to commencement on site, the site setup will include perimeter site hoarding equipped with appropriate safety and way-finding signage, lighting installations, and set of gates for vehicle entrance. The perimeter safety segregation system (I.e. Heras Fencing) is to be erected and equipped with appropriate safety and way-finding signage. Clearly defined access routes will be defined both within the site and the surrounding roads and sites in accordance to the management plans and with particular attention to the segregation of pedestrians, plant and vehicle. The delivery, storage and distribution of materials will form part of this plan.

Site Accommodation & Welfare Facilities
After having judged the situation at the site, with the documents of the feasibility report, there isn’t sufficient space to have (as promised), an accommodations site on the premises of the project. The temporary site accommodation will be located in the student car park of the University. The site accommodation will include suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences. Supply of Water will be available through the water pumps of UWL into the rooms, toilets, sinks... The room will be kept clean and tidy by the occupiers, and will be checked by a warden, so this rule isn’t breached, and is kept in an orderly condition. Adequate supply of drinking water will be put in few places as part of welfare facilities through drinking water fountains, and kitchen facilities. For Health and Safety reasons, water fountains and supply of drinking water will be marked with an appropriate signage, and sufficient number of cups will be provided. Washing Facilities will include:

* A supply of clean hot and cold, or warm, water (which shall be running water so far as is reasonably practicable); * Suitable means of cleaning, such as soap, shampoo, and; * Suitable means of drying: towels, hand dryers, blow dryers. Washing Rooms will be ventilated, and given required lighting. They also will have to be kept cleaned and maintained. In order to minimise costs in welfare facilities, instead of having separate washing facilities for men and women, the multiple bathrooms will be individually shared, with an internal lock to prevent others coming in. This is more efficient as the number of males will dominate those of females. The accommodation will acquire changing rooms & lockers and sufficient spacing in these facilities, especially when the workers have to wear special clothing for his/her work and duty. Work may be on-going during rain; hence, facilities for drying areas for clothes, and seating will be set up in the accommodation. Lockers will also be provided near the changing...
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