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The Analytical Commentary for Part 1 Prescribed Exam

GC1 Design


The project 9 Crescent Road (A) meets the required criteria by demonstrating how analysis, research, context, budget, preparation and development of a brief inform a design proposal.

1.1.1 Analysis of information is sourced throughout Work Stages A-C:

(Stages A-B)
• Initial (A1) client brief
• Site Survey (A6)
• Design Brief (A2) analysing the client's spatial requirements • Fee Proposal (A4) embodies a documented analysis of the brief (Stage C)
• Researched information informs the design; with guidelines/constraints, such as Local Authority and Conservation Policy (A9), along with specialist consultant’s reports – including Day Lighting and Sunlighting Report (dealing with potential changes in lighting) (A20), and the Arboricultural Report (A21) (detailing construction proximity in conjunction with a Tree Preservation Order)

1.1.2 Research conducted throughout Work Stage B establishes a basis for the design. Work Stage C shows compliance of the design to required policies:

(Stage B)
• Previous local planning history (A7) and house history (A8) (Stages B-C)
• Local Planning Guidelines & Policies (A9), stipulate physical guidelines and materials • Consultants Reports (A17 - A22)

1.1.3 Context is covered in Stages B-D showing how the design relates to its urban environment:

• Site Location (A27.1)
• Concept (A11)
• Final Plans, Elevation & Sections (A27.4); Accommodating contemporary living, and forming a credible relationship with the surroundings

1.1.4 Budget within the Fee Proposal (A4) dictates the scale and element options. For consideration, the budget included costings to for renovation, and for new build [With VAT reduction] 1.1.5 Preparation and development of the brief through initial assessment, research, context and budget, informs the design process. Analysis of initial findings through dialogue and review (A13 and A14) aid in producing the final design (A27).

In addition to the above project, I refer to the following, which also meet the criteria:

Albany Park Road (B)
Duncombe Place (N)
The Town House (O)


9 Crescent Road, Stage D (B16 - B18), demonstrates the criteria via the Planning Application, with compliance to regulatory frameworks, combined with an awareness of health & safety considerations that guide design and building construction.

1.2.1 Regulatory frameworks enforce standards, and the Planning Application is designed in response:

• Local Authority Planning policy, e.g. sustainability requires 20% energy efficient building design - provided by passive insulation and photovoltaic panels. In addition, waste management is provided for, through the provision of refuse recycling (A26, p2) • Liverpool Road Conservation Area 5 Policy (A9.1) demands considered use of materials and mouldings (A9.1, p2), to protect the urban fabrics of the street, and surrounding areas • Building Regulations considerations are integrated into the Planning Application, e.g. the stairs comply with Approved Document Part K1 (A27.4, (PL)10B), [the rise and going, handrail positioning, minimum headroom and landing spacing adjacent to door openings ect]

1.2.2 Health & Safety considerations within the final design are intended to avoid unnecessary risk during the construction, occupation and maintenance of the property (A23):

• In line with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) 2007 and co-ordination of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 - The client is responsible for the appointment of a CDM co-ordinator to supervise the build. • Building incorporates the use of long life materials to reduce maintenance. Tilt and turn windows facilitate safe cleaning.


Architectural histories and theories, of physical, artistic and cultural context, and their use in informing the design process: Criteria has been met...
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