Single-Sex or Co-Ed Schools: Which Do You Prefer?

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Many parents are agonizing about aspects between single-sex school and co-ed school (coeducational school) in relation to what is best for their children. Hence, to justify which is a much preferred choice in respect to differences between the two kinds of school as well as its benefits and disadvantages. It is only natural, of course, for parents to be concerned especially in matters that concern their children. A minority of parents will choose to send their children to single-sex school because they are concerned about their children’s studies in terms of the possible distraction of the opposite sex, knowing the teenage trends in this modern century. Looking at the modern trends, most teenagers begin having relationships at young ages of 13. It is highly understandable that parents worry. However, parents should also have the confidence in their children, whom they have tirelessly instilled values since the day of their birth, to be able to manage these relationships so that it will not negatively affect their studies. There are percentages of students who are affectionately fond of each other, but did not negatively affect their studies and even made them work harder because they didn’t want their parents to be against the relationship. Besides that, some teachers pay more attention to the boys because usually boy tend to slack in comparison to girls, and sometimes teachers will encourage boys to put in more effort and try harder to solve difficulties. In contrast to that, when girls were having difficulty, the teacher often provides the answer. This may in turn affect girls, thinking that they do not receive equal opportunities of the challenge and lack enjoyment in their studies. While some may send their children to single-sex schools, many still send their children to co-ed school because they are of the opinion that schools are just places where students get acquainted with the basics of the life, which further helps them to foster their...
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