Single-Sex Schools

Topics: Education, High school, Gender Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Single-sex schools are not a very good idea to have because of the differences, behaviors and because it is not a science to prove why.
Single sex schools are not a good idea to have because of the behaviors of boys and girls. “When it comes to our kid’s educations, stick to what works, like smaller class sizes, more teacher training and greater attention to curriculum”, says Galen Sherwin of the staff attorney at The American Civil Liberties Union Women’s Rights Project. There are always different ways to improve the school system, but separating gender is not going to help; possibly make it worse as well.

There are proven facts that claim girls do very poorly under these circumstances, from experience of being in single-sex schools. This is the same way with boys as well. School systems are probably just testing this right now to see if it would help or make it better, but let’s hope they are aware that it doesn’t work. It has also been proven that boys become more aggressive from being in an all-male school. Of course, there are some pros in being in a single-sex school, but the cons weigh out the pros.

Our society is so used to the idea of mixed genders in high school these days. The theory of high school has always been about learning and getting ready for the real world. But it almost seems that the “theory” has been thrown out the door and the word high school today is not the same as it once was. Teenagers today think High school is where they meet friends, party and play sports. Learning is no longer the number one reason to go to school. That just comes to show how much things have evolved.

So according to the last paragraph, it can be argued back that single-sex schools can be better. If teens are going to a single sex school, they might actually get the idea of what school is supposed to be; rather than assuming it’s where you meet friends and do boring work. Maybe that will help get the point across to the teenagers. Still, coed...
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