Similarities of Hitler and Hussein

Topics: World War II, Iraq, United States Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: September 18, 2012
The initial similarity they shared was in foreign policy as both dictators only had a handful of allies and ignored requests from other countries ' leaders. Hitler especially once he was firmly in power, totally disregarded the limits installed on Germany at the Treaty of Versailles, such as the ban on Germany to have any air force or submarine, and could only possess an inconsequential naval force of just six ships and an army of a mere one hundred thousand men. Additionally, they were not to have any forces placed in the Rhineland; the narrow piece of land running next to the border with France. Hitler condemned such constraints enforced by the Versailles Treaty and recommenced the national military draft ' the initial move in defiance against the treaty. The subsequent invasion of the Rhineland followed soon after, declaring that it had always been part of Germany 's historical fatherland. The invasion of Poland the followed to conquer the country 's national resources to bolster Germany 's military. Germany was still reeling in huge debt from the First World War. Likewise, for Saddam Hussein in 1990 - despite constant international warnings - he invaded to annex Kuwait with the excuse that Kuwait was historically part of the greater Babylonian empire, and laid claim on Kuwait 's rich abundance of oil. To gather support from their followers, they laid the blame for their economic problems on those states that were against them and also on particular groups inside their own countries. Hitler sent millions of Jews to their deaths in arguably the biggest genocide of all time. This is directly comparable to Hussein 's chemical attacks against the Iraqi Kurds in his own country, where thousands of people were gassed to death by baring the full brunt of Hussein 's chemical warfare arsenal. Any opposition from a religious source was nullified by state control and Hitler made the upper echelons of the clergy to swear allegiance to Nazi rule or be faced with brutal...
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