Compare Contrast: Hitler and Roosevelt

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Compare/Contrast Hitler and Roosevelt

The World War II era brought out many leaders, but two that were commonly acknowledged were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler. Both men were very popular and were known throughout the world for their choices. The men had differed personalities but some traits were the same in both of them. The similarities and differences when comparing the two men are extremely noticeable.

Hitler and Franklin are similar in the way of both being leaders of a powerful nation. Hitler led Germany while Roosevelt led the United States. These men both had a stubborn trait, which could be used good or bad. They both used the media as a way to convey their messages and to convince the public that their argument was better. Both men were also considered to be very headstrong in their ideas and opinions.

In addition to their similarities, these men also have numerous differences. Roosevelt was well known for his kind demeanor and his ability to lead the United States during depression and war. Hitler was known for being a dictator and a mass murderer. Roosevelt felt sympathy for the people and his choices in politics reflected this. Hitler was arrogant and racist against various groups of people.

The World War II era was a difficult time for the world to overcome. There were many disputes and feuds. Franklin and Roosevelt both contributed to World War II although not always in a positive way. Roosevelt was admired by the public,while Hitler was despised by a majority of the people. The similarities and differences between the two mens personalities and strategies is interesting to learn.

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