Nazi and the Holocaust

Topics: Nazi Germany, Germany, The Holocaust Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Alexis Arocha
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Professor Casey
Hitler and the Holocaust
In the year of 1933, Adolf Hitler took power and the holocaust occurred. The vigorous dictator had a set of ideas and goals that took place across Europe. Hitler’s ideologies consisted of Germany and Austria having superiority over the Jewish population, whom were accused for all the issues Germany faced. Hitler “believed that only by waging a war of conquest against Russia could the German nation gain the living space and security it required and, as a superior race, deserved,” (Sources,369). Mein Kampf is a thorough work of literature that Hitler used as a guide for fourteen years; it enlightened people about the principles that were intended to transpire. Hitler was also a strong believer on Social Darwinism, and having said that, Social Darwinist believed that the process of survival of the fittest, by natural selection, should have been sped up by the government. With nationalistic thought, Hitler attempted to eradicate the Jews with the belief of Germany benefiting from this. This then lead to the catastrophe of the Holocaust where “estimates of the number of dead range as high as fifty million, including twenty-five million Russians, who sacrificed more than the other participants in both population and material resources,”(Sources, 369). Throughout Adolf Hitler’s life, he developed many different goals and ideas, which later grew and made who he came to be. Hitler began his life wanting to become an artist, however, that didn’t get him anywhere. Many theorist people believed Hitler grew up in an anti-semantic home. Everything Hitler attempted to accomplish didn’t occur and therefore held the Jews responsible. For example, when Hitler failed to be accepted in The Vienna School of Art, he blamed that on the population of the Jews. Thus, volunteering for service in the German army and learning all that was needed to know about politics and important...
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