Silvio Napoli at Schindler India

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1Was Silvio the right choice for general manager of Schindler¡¦s India operations? Why/Why not ¡V give details. This question can be answered by taking following 3 things in consideration. 1.1Silvio¡¦s characteristics

This can be better explained by detailing his strengths and weaknesses. 1.1.1Strengths:
As per Luc Bonnard, they trust him 100%, he has courage, he is young and flexible, he is generalist not specialist, and willing to go to India. So here is the list of his strengths with the reason why this strength makes him the right candidate for the mentioned job. „«Young age ¡V His young age brings enthusiasm, drive and thrives to show his capabilities to the world. „«Aggressive and energetic ¡V

„«Courageous ¡V
Aggressiveness and courage is required when the new start-up is being laid out in India, as it requires getting lots of approvals from government officers. „«Flexible ¡V India is in no way compared to Switzerland or for that matter many advanced European countries as far as personal comfort and people services are concerned. Person has to be flexible to get adjusted in this totally new environment. „«Generalist ¡V To set-up a company in a new country, a person has to be all rounder and not a specialist. „«MBA from Harvard Business School ¡V There are hardly any doubts about this Business school and the student coming from there is considered an excellent candidate for the management position in the company. „«Top management had full faith in him ¡V This is the most important thing that Silvio had achieved during his tenure at the head quarters. 1.1.2Weaknesses:

„«Strong headed and single minded
„«Impatient and short tampered
„«Over communicative
All the three weaknesses mentioned above can lead to dissatisfied subordinates and it can create enemies/ jealousy amongst the colleagues. Note ¡V We may relate this to difficulties Mr Napoli faced getting support from design team in Europe. „«He was new to India

Though he had spent 9 months analysing the business scenario in India and prepared a business plan, staying in India was very different thing for a person from Europe that itself creates lots of challenges. Note: This section could have been better explained given the characteristics of the other candidates that were considered. 1.2His past experience

He was a Rugby team captain for his university team. He was head of corporate planning. These 2 things clearly show he had the leadership capabilities. The most important thing for this point is his work in Swatch project based on which the business plan for India project was made. Mr. Napoli had headed the Swatch project that was aimed at developing a standardized elevator at a dramatically lower cost than the existing broad line of more customized products. It was an assignment that involved Mr. Napoli in sensitive discussions with Schindler¡¦s plants in Switzerland, France and Spain to discuss design, determine costs, and explore sourcing alternatives. S001, a standard elevator was developed as part of this project. This experience was very helpful in 2 ways:

„«The business plan was to launch the same elevator in India „«Mr. Napoli got a chance to interact with the design team in Europe that could have led to develop contact within the design team. Those contacts would have been very useful during the India operations.

The other most important thing was that the business plan for India operations was created by Mr. Napoli himself and as per Mr Bonnard ¡V ¡§I believe that the people who make the business plan should have to realize it.¡¨ 1.3His work at Schindler India for the given period

The choice could be best justified by the outcome of it.
The outcome for the given period can be summarized as
„«No installation in 8 months, whereas the target for the first year is 50 units. „«After 8 months, production has not been started yet. Design team in Europe is not giving proper support. „«Indian management has different views...
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