Henry Tam Case Analysis

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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A: Diagnosis of the problem:
Henry Tam is currently in a predicament. He has only three weeks until his business plan for MGI is due, and his team is not working efficiently. To understand what steps he needs to take, Henry must first identify the main reasons the team is not working well together. The underlying problems the team faces are as follows:

1- Lack of Strategy: Inside the team there is a divergent vision of where the company should go and what the target market is. 2- Lack of Structure: The team has internal structural challenges because of the lack of a natural leader and also because the roles and responsibilities are undefined. 3- Lack of Cohesion: The group cohesion is low due to the multicultural backgrounds, and the conflict between the convergent and divergent personalities. B: Analysis of the problems

1-Lack of Strategy: Vision is “What a company aspires to become, building on its core values and purpose.”. It is guidance of the organization, and MGI does not have a vision. The founders failed to set one because they have focused all of their energies on producing the product. The vision is undefined, and therefore the team will face difficulties meeting objectives, goals, and metrics to make MGI profitable.

2-Lack of Structure: There is no natural leader and no team roles have been established. This results in an overall lack of structure and a missing concept of a ‘team’. All the team members are committed and passionate about the product, but that does not always result in success. MGI needs a leader create structure, guidance, and strategy to move the team forward. In the past Sasha has taken the role as the perceived leader, yet he has two glaring problems. First, his behavior creates conflict and division within the team. Secondly, Sasha tries to fill all multiple roles, four to be exact, and as a result the team lacks coordination and general management. Lack of leadership creates a...
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