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  • Published : June 27, 2012
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Ethical Lens Inventory
My personal preferred lens is the Results Lens. According to this ethical view an action is ethical if good results come from good actions. A moral person must take actions that create the greatest good and the greatest happiness for many. I listen to my intuition. I use my sensibility to implement the decisions that will determine the greatest good. I try to be equal and fair. My blind spot is that I get satisfied with too little good or unrealistic role expectations. I tend to leave problems unsolved as long as my needs are satisfied leaving people who are counting on me behind. I also have the tendency to set unfeasible role aspirations. I assume people will apply their virtues to a particular role, and I do not take into consideration that people can fail.

My strengths are self reliance and accountability. I listen to my heart and my intuition, and I am not afraid to pursue what makes me and my community happy. I evaluate each situation individually, putting myself in people’s shoes. I make decisions fair. I treat people equal. I make myself available and accountable for my community. I tend to show compassion and free will to my community.

My weaknesses are self righteousness and entitlement. I tend to forget that people have free will, and I base my decisions based in my own perspective. This makes my decisions weak because it lacks constructive criticism. I am tempted to base my decisions in what is advantageous instead of what is just. I can also persuade myself that only the consequences of an action make a decision good or bad and I will not bother to take into consideration the process to attain such good. This can result in good actions driven by bad decisions or preventing me from doing a good and efficient job. My biggest value is my capacity to balance between self and others. I use my heart to make choices but I also use my rationality to stay fair. I value autonomy. I celebrate independence. My goal is to...
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