Swot Og Frito Lay

Topics: Marketing, Investment, India Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: April 25, 2011
SWOT Analysis
* Frito-Lay Company is well-known for all people around the world * There are high technology and continuous improvement in the process of production * The company has good brand image and its reputation.

* Our products can respond to all ages of customers. Children and adults can eat it * There is a good management of system within the company and its subsidiaries * The project of green packaging, it is made a better image in eyes of customers. * Our company provides variety of product lines

* Unhealthy snack does not benefit among the people eye-sight * There are many groups in India for example, foreigners who come to work or study there, and tourist. So, the company may lack of ability to respond to those needs and wants. * company lack of information about the local customers ‘ preferences in Indian market * High cost of investment for foreign direct investment

* Because class systems play an important role in India, also our snack can be ate in all statuses of people. So, people who are in the high class might not buy our snack because it can’t express their statuses Opportunities

* Indian market has high population which give the company a large market share * India has great potential in terms of educated and intelligent human resources Threats
* There is political uncertainty in India. For example, the fall of three governments in the last two years and The Kargil war * There are many competitors in the market for example, Pringles, Wotsits, and so on * The government is very strict about the regulation for the foreign firms, India has high barriers mode of entry into the market
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