Business Practices in India Are Harmful to Democracy and Human Rights

Topics: Investment, Macroeconomics, Corporation Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Business practice in India are harmful to democracy and human rights

India is one of the most famous Asian nations to the western country to do investment in major sectors. This is not only because they are having good turnover in India also for very huge manpower. People in India have basically hard working capacity. Investors are mainly aiming for this quality from Indians. Foreign companies invested in India are getting the whole efforts of Indians and giving comparatively less salary. Even Indians are also being paid for minimum salary. Why most of the foreign companies choose India as their land of investment is getting more works for less salary. For the same work, the foreign companies have to give more salary to their country people. Usually foreign companies study the Indian culture corresponding to their product. If it suits well, they don’t care about Indian companies who are all doing business with the same kind of product. Due to foreign investment, Indian traditional business is getting affected. Foreign investments attracting Indian people by offering very less rates to the goods and showcase their wealth by the appearance. But if we see the fact that the same products available in the shops of foreign investment are produced in India. They marked their label and cover and sell the same product to us with some rate. Most of the Indian traditional businesses will lose their place and it leads to shut their business. Agriculture is the major occupation among the Indians. Due to invasion of other businesses, the value of agriculture is diminishing and losing its place in the country. Due to other businesses, people from villages are also going for other works due to daily wages. And also most of the agricultural lands are nowadays being converted into big malls, shopping complexes, apartments. So those who know only agriculture will be affected badly. To do business in India, the main important factor needed is trust. Trust between customers and...
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