Should Goal Line Technology Be Used in Professional Soccer?

Topics: Association football, Game, Robert Donald Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Should goal line technology be used in soccer?
Goal line technology is a widely debated topic in the soccer industry. There are many reasons for it as there are many reasons against it. In professional soccer though, goal line technology would be a big mistake to implement. It would make the sport too different than what it was intended to be. Soccer was a sport that was intended to be with eleven players on each team in a field with two line-men and a center referee. Soccer is one of the most famous and the most played sport in the world because of this. Anyone can play this beautiful sport; all you need to play is a ball and some friends. If goal line technology was implemented in soccer, the kids who play this sport would be left with even less realism of the sport than they already have. Many people all around the world play soccer for a club. The people that play in these clubs are usually kids who aspire to be just like the pros. They play with three referees just like the professionals, and if goal line technology was implemented these kids would feel like they are not like the pros at all. It would not be able to be implemented in all these clubs because goal line technology is expensive and there are too many clubs around the entire world for FIFA to implement this rule in every field. Soccer is too old to change the rules of the sport. It’s been around since the eight century, and some rules have been added but not in a long time. Many people have grown up on soccer and died loving the sport just the way it is. The rules cannot be changed so drastically. Lifelong fans of the sport might turn away from it and that would be horrible for FIFA. If goal line technology was implemented in professional soccer, it would take the fire out of the sport. All of the fans in the world feed off of the emotions during a game and a situation where the referee does not know whether the ball has gone into the net or not is one of the most exciting things that can...
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