Concussion Start Up Paper

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Have you ever been injured before? In many sports they are very common because the contact is necessary. When you see a cheap shot or a player that has lost his cool and headhunting, as a ref what do you do? That’s where these new rules come in, although they slow the game down a lot, its probably in the interest of safety. The new rules only increase the time in the box, therefore are not a good change to the game.

Boarding, once a minor penalty with a sentence of only 2 min. was a simple crime but ever sense Jablonski’s accident there has been revisions in the rules. 5 minutes is the new award for a hit like this. Its very common for referees to call this a penalty now.

The new penaltys are very serious now, the rules increased the sentence from 2 to 5 minutes for all penaltys associated with a bad check. The worst penalty of all is the chec from behind which has ended careers and nearly killed some. Not just in hockey concussions exist, football and soccer come to mind when its mentioned. There are terrible problems that happen when someone receives a concussion here is a video that should explain it.

If you’ve ever experiencd a concussion you know its not very enjoyable, it causes permanent damage to your brain. It take more than just a few days to become normal again after a severe hit. When a hit from behind happens it usually results in a misconduct and lengthy sentence. The player who initiated the hit is in big trouble because he either cost his team the game or is going to ride the bench for a game.

The sports that have the most concussions are increasing, 300,000 sports related concussions occur yearly. 19% is the chance of getting a serious concussion and that is only yearly (
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