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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Creative Writing: Topic-Ocean
Long before the dawn of time itself, there existed a tiny singularity, the one bright spark of light which would give birth to all objects in the universe. This singularity held oceans of knowledge, many in which our emotions and thought cycles originated from. Where all knowledge on the universe and what was to be was stored. Inside the singularity, a tiny civilisation governed these vast oceans of knowledge, they were the guardians of knowledge, the most learned civilisation in that the universe had ever seen. They were the Infinities. The Infinities were they holders of the knowledge and power of the universe. They knew the outcome of the universe; they had knowledge of what the end was like, when certain people died they knew, one would say that the Infinities were fortune tellers. No, they weren’t, they were masters of the entire living realm. They had the ability to give life or death to other living creatures also on the singularity. Yet, when one has power, it often corrupts them eventually… Mark was only young when he first mastered the ocean of emotions, one would think he would be much older than 12 years old. He rose up in the ranks rapidly and ultimately became the ruler of the ocean of emotions at the young age of 15. As ruler of emotions, he governed everyone’s feelings; he could make people happy, sad or even feel anger. At such a young age though, he soon grew tired of being the ruler of emotions. He wanted more, more power, the absolute control of living organisms. He wanted to rule over the world as supreme king. Mark often thought about the fact and soon became engulfed by self-indulgence and the need for power. As every day went by, Mark grew more anxious until one day he snapped. Mark mustered all who lived in his realm of emotions and trained them. Trained them into an elite fighting force that could control others emotions completely. The other realms became more reluctant to sending envoys as many never...
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