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Qalb- Yellow- Dhikr Ya Sayed
Lataif of the Heart Chakras Qudra Chi Teachings

Shaykh Nazim AlHaqqani

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Sun, Center of The Universe

Lataif al-Qalb
the stage of the Heart,


eart is the Center of our universe. Represents The picture of knowledge. The scientific knowledge. The

first is where all knowledge comes in.
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NAME : Ilmiya =All Knowledge enters the station of the Qalb Sense = Hearing, The Door to the Soul is Hearing DHIKR: YA Sayed = Saliheen Seeking the Righteous for guidance Under the authority of Prophet Adam (s), because it represents the physical aspect of the heart.

Highlights of Lectures:
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Sun Center of Universe Heart is the Same Honor to Khalifate or Viceroy Qaf Lam Ba- QLB QL-to Ba of Bahr Qudra Found in BiSMi Ba-Seen-Meem From Meem-Muhammad(s) to Seen of Ya-Seen Heart of Quran to Ba- Bahr Qudra Eternal Messenger of Allah Muhammad RasulAllah, Hearing Qalam Pen Qaf Lam Meem, Knowledge of names Pen of First Intellect Iqra "Read in the name of your Lord" Lordship Defined Kalimat Tayyib BismiAllah & 19 letters For that reason, Allah has said of him, “I am his hearing and his sight.” He did not say, “his eye and his ear.”{ Allah describing His Eternal Support of his Hearing and not the physical ear..}

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Color: { The light of the Heart is a yellow hue} 6th Sense = Heavenly Hearing ,Knowledge Which Salat: Maghrib Pillar of Islam: Shahadah Testifying to the ones of your Lord and accepting His Messenger Sayedena Muhammad (S)

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The Importance of The Prophet Adam, The Honor of Mankind
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Station of the Heart


Creation of Humans

Tafsir of Surah Shams "91" Power of Sun and Glory of Nur Ahmad (s)

Station of the Heart
Sayedena Adam The Seal of Divine Wisdom in the Word of Adam Towards The Understanding of The Greatness of The Eternal Messenger of Allah Sayedena Muhammad (S)

When Allah - glory be to Him! - willed that the source of His most Beautiful Names - which are beyond enumeration - be seen (or you can equally say that He willed His source to be seen), He willed that they be seen in a microcosmic being which contained the entire matter, endowed with existence, and through which His secret was manifested to Him. For how a thing sees itself through itself is not the same as how it sees itself in something else which acts as a mirror for it. So He manifests Himself to Himself in a form which is provided by the place in which He is seen. He would not appear thus without the existence of this place and His manifestation (tajalli) to Himself in it. Allah brought the entire universe into existence through the existence of a form fashioned without a spirit (rûh), like an unpolished mirror. q

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Part of the divine decree is that He does not fashion a locus without it receiving a divine spirit, which is described as being “blown” into it. This is nothing other than the result of the predisposition of that fashioned form to receive the overflowing perpetual tajalli which has never ceased and which will never cease.

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Then we must speak of the container (qâbil).
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The container comes from nothing other than His most sacredly pure Overflowing....
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