Shc 34 Question 2.1

Topics: Individual rights, Rights, Individual Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Question 2.1:
While duty of care is so important in a work with children, there are times when this principle seems to conflict with another principle, that is respecting the right of the children and families. A balanced approach has to be taken in deciding which has the greater priority in certain circumstances. Parents have responsibility for their child we as practitioner must not usurp that role as we only play a temporary role in their lives, parents have the lifelong role and centre role. Carers are responsible for their children but sometimes these individuals rights come into conflict with duty of care. Dietary needs can cause dilemmas if a child has certain dietary needs and these have not been met. Like giving a child pork when it is against their religion to eat that type of meat it is our duty of care that, that child be given their religious dietary needs as its their individual right. A child with a disability may not be able to access all areas of the preschool like outdoor play or resources, the setting will need to adapt as their individual rights are not being met. Risk taking could come as a conflict; children have the right to experiment and experience challenge which helps them with learning and development. Children need an element of risk to be able to learn risk assessment for themselves. But if a practitioner becomes over protective then this is conflicting with their duty of care and the child’s individual rights. If a member of staff neglected their duty of care and was a little rough with the handling of a child this would be in conflict with child’s rights the right to share information that is a safeguarding concern overrides the need to have parental permission from the parent. The safety of the child comes first. But as practitioners we have a duty of care to the child. This becomes a real dilemma if you feel the need to contact children’s services. When the conflicts arise we must be able to respond sensitively and follow...
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