Shaping Strategy in a World of Constant Disruption

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  • Published : July 28, 2012
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Shaping strategy focuses on dictating the trend of the market. A shaping strategy is no less than an effort to broadly redefine the terms of competition for a market sector through positive, galvanizing messages that promise benefits to all who adopt the new terms. Shaping strategy consist in engaging steps that are built on deep structure. This process is often helped by enabling and powerful infrastructure that enhances brand's performance and reduces risk exposure. Changing the risk / reward calculation that you shape the strategy at a time of rapid change has three interrelated components, a shaping view, a shaping platform and shaping acts and assets. A shaping strategy is an effort to broadly redefine the terms of competition for a market sector through a positive, galvanizing message that promises benefits to all who adopt the new terms. In times of high uncertainty, adaptation is the winning strategy. Shaping strategies may hold far greater promise. These strategies use positive incentives to mobilize and focus thousands of participants in shaping specific markets or industries. Which are the three most critical issues of this reading?

The first critical issue is the rapid infrastructure change, We live in an era of profound and accelerating change, a new kind of infrastructure is evolving built on the sustained exponential pace of performance improvements in computing, storage and bandwidth. Businesses constantly find themselves racing to catch up and learn the improving foundational technologies.

The second critical issue is to formulate a shaping strategy that influences the perceptions and responses of potential participants in a time of rapid changes and that this shaping strategy effectively interrelates the shaping view, the Shaping platform and the acts and assets. The third critical issue to consider is the adaptation to the best strategy, businesses will succeed if they can sense and respond quickly to what is changing around them....
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