Applying Lonergans Theory to See Is to Believe

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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When we hear the word to see is to believe, the first thing that comes into our minds in order to believe in something, we must see it, in our own eyes. In short, we need an evidence or proof. To see is to believe is a cliché or trite expression, which has many meanings, if applied it in business side, we need business evidence to prove it right. Evidence such as, customer’s verification on the benefits of a particular product or service, Management validation on the outcome of business strategy or research and Investor’s confirmation on companies success.

BUSINESS STRATEGIES. Competition is very stiff among companies; they employ different strategies, developed new products and introducing innovative styles, designs and process. In addition, they look at each other tightly, observing every competitor’s move in order to keep abreast or ahead of the others. Business strategy sells the idea of improvement, innovation and leadership. Top Management is waiting to see if the strategy is good as advertise.

Lonergan’s theory of human knowing particularly understanding is very important for every Firm research strategy, because it evaluates company’s progressive and also studying your competitors. A classic example of this is the Harley-Davidson motorcycle business losing its customer to Japanese competitors. Studying the Japanese firms helped Harley to produce high quality motorcycles at lower cost.

BUSINESS PROMOTIONS. Commercials and advertisement emphasize the benefits and advantages of their latest product to target customer. Curiosity might take place on the part customer because of enticing promos and ads. They simply buy the product to test if it is effective to them. Lonergan’s framework of knowing, is both essential for buyer and seller. They can learn from each other, Companies could develop a new product or services that could satisfy more customers need. On the other hand, customers...
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