Topics: Facebook, Jury, Grand jury Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Facebook Sextortion

Sextortion is the latest cybercrime used against children—it a form of sexual exploration one uses guilt, power, or knowledge of certain secrets, to force another person into having sex or performing sexual favors. “Christopher Patrick Gunn was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury in Montgomery with two counts of production of child pornography, three counts of interstate extortion, and three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce in furtherance of unlawful activity” (Shyyock, 2012). If convicted he could spend up to 100 years in the federal prison and $500,000 in fines with a lifetime supervised release.

Christopher Patrick Gunn was using facebook (social networking site) to extort young girls. He would create phony profiles on facebook then he would send out facebook request to the young girls. Profiles that he used consisted of “The Justin Bieber Ruse” (when using Justin’s profile Gunn would promise the girls concert tickets), “The New Kid Ruse,” “Daniel Rodgers,” Dalton Walthers.” “Tyler Mielke” and “Jason Lempke.” Once the young girls would accept his friend request they were able to use an internet-base interactive video chat service—like SKYPE. He would gain their trust so then he would proceed to ask personal questions (bra size, sexual status, etc) once he gathered enough information Gunn would request topless photos. If the girls refused he threatened to divulge the intimate conversations to the principle or place it on Facebook for the public to hear.

In order for the prosecution to successfully prosecute Christopher Patrick Gunn the investigation that began in April 2011 after complaints were made from female students at Prattville Junior High School that they were receiving inappropriate picture solicitation request from a Facebook profile, police, crime scene investigators and criminalist have to provide strong evidence about the committed crime. As a result of the complaint filed pertaining to child victimization police rendered immediate action. Since the alleged crime was committed with computers and the Internet the detectives were able to use a computer command—traceroute that is provided with most operating systems. Traceroute is a utility that can detail the IP path (Internet Protocol--an address that is unique to a computer) packets that travel between two systems. It can also provide network affiliations, and their geographic locations. After executing this command the detectives were able to get an account and address leading to Gunn’s Montgomery home. The next step was to obtain a warrant to go to the home to retrieve any evidence pertaining to the crime. So the planning of the crime scene investigation was initiated after the warrant had been granted. Once at the crime scene the detectives knew that physical evidence must be obtained using the proper procedures and the correct techniques because how the crime scene is investigated can make or break the case.

The crime scene was immediately secured—“ controlling the movement of those at the crime scene also involves ensuring that no one touches, moves, or affects any potential evidence before the scene is thoroughly documented and processed.” (Buckles, 2007) A report was started containing date, time of arrival, visibility, lighting and the weather. The computers were seized –documenting the computer activity, components, and other devices. Detectives determined the status of the computers by looking for signs indicating if they were on, off or in sleep status. With the status being determined it allowed for the contents of the screens to be annotated in the report along with photographs of the monitor screens. In the event that the computers were off, the report would state the status, photographs would be taking, sketches of all wires, cables, and other peripheral devices connected to the computer would be drawn. Labels would be placed on all power supplies, wires, cables, and other peripheral...
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