Research Paper on Criminal Justice

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Niquita Murdock September 8, 2010 English Class
The field of Criminal Justice has so many different career paths that anyone can succeed in and it’s for that reason I have picked the Forensic Science path to explore. There are a number of reasons why I have chosen to explore and get an education in this career. The specialization of Forensic Science within the Criminal Justice is right for me because I feel that families should have closure, I feel that people who don’t deserve to be in prison should have a fair trial, I like watching crime shows all the time, and last but not least it’s a more challenging field of work and I love challenges. Have you ever watched the news or read a newspaper that stated that families would never see their daughters, sons, husbands, wives, aunts, or uncles again. Sometimes police don’t know who the John Does or Jane Does that come into the coroners’ office are now and days. I feel that it’s a sad time in one’s life when one doesn’t know the whereabouts of a person one cares about. As I read an article “Heating up cold cases: unsolved” from the article titled The Forensic Examiner I read and understood that police departments these days don’t have the right resources and the greatest financial status in the world when it comes to solving these cold cases (Kirsch par.6) I truly do believe that if I got a job in this field I would leave the greatest impact on a lot of people’s lives. All through the United State’s Justice System history there have been a number of falsely accused men, women, and teenagers, children that were put in prison or jail for a crime they didn’t commit. With forensic science I can make sure that the DNA that I am is a complete match to the real convict. I read an article called The Forensic Examiner where this guy named Larry Peterson was wrongfully accused of murdering a young lady by the...
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