Applied Criminal Justice Ethics

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Applied Criminal Justice Ethics

This has to be one of my favorite assignments since becoming a student at Kaplan. I have been interested in the Criminal Justice since I was a small child. I come from a long line of military, however, my passion has always been Criminal Law. I remember even as a young girl in the 2nd grand, I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Now that I have an ex husband, and two children of my own and find the justice system a little “Leewayish” (if that’s even a word) on dead beat fathers, my dream has now become to be a “Ball busting District Attorney for deadbeat moms and dads. I am sick and tired of seeing the same faces in court every other month with the same stories that they cant find work, or they cant see their kids, or they were helping with the flood cleanup. I am sure you can feel my frustration! Other avenues of the law that I have a particular interest in is detective work, private investigation and cold case files. I am also an avid photographer so I would love to take that passion and put into crime scenes, while I pursue a law degree. My best friend Shonda, who I have interviewed for this assignment, is now a detective. She absolutely loves her job, but is currently back into school to further herself into a law degree. I love the cold cases being solved after all hope is lost, on television I know, but still yet. The Jaycee Duggard story gave me a new passion for cold case, when she was found years later. After her kidnapper left her emotionally scarred, she was still able to return to parents who never gave up hope. For my interviews I picked a street cop turned detective to see where her thought process was ethically on the questions at hand. For my second interviewee, I picked a K9 officer who was on the meth task force, but due to meth running a rampant race with the unemployment level sky high, I had to settle for the less enthusiastic Prison Corporal. I never hope to work in a prison ever in my years of criminal law. I do, however, like the Detective work that Shonda does. You will see their thought process are both criminal law focused, but on two very different sides of the Criminal Justice system.

Shonda Ellis Duncan is a 30 year old married mother of 2 and has chosen a career in law enforcement in a small town municipal department. Approximate population of the area is 120,000 and ethnicity wise it is 99% white and 1% other races. Due to the unemployment rate being at 22% in the small town of Oneida, Tn, she states methamphetamine & prescription drug sales and theft are on the rise. This county also has high instances of possession and manufacturing of meth on a weekly basis which is contributing to early use, and early deaths as young as 30.

I had the chance to go back home and Interview an old high school friend of mine who started back in law enforcement as a 911 dispatcher in 1998 after High school graduation. Full name: Shonda Ellis Duncan. Current Title: Investigator. Synopsis of training: She started law enforcement in Aug 2002 & was fresh out of college. She had obtained a degree in Paralegal Studies and done her internship for the DA. One evening she got a call for a friend telling her Oneida Police Department had a position open and he wanted her to apply. When she arrived, she stated the Chief of police had been waiting on her but she was not interested in the thoughts of law enforcement, but fresh out of college with a family, she needed money and went ahead and applied with the thought it would be something till she could find something else. She stated “She started as a Patrolman. When I got back from the academy I was also trained as a 911 dispatcher and corrections officer. I am the only officer in the department trained in everything. After the election in Sept this year, our Chief became the new Sheriff. He...
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