Services Marketing Twins's First Case

Topics: Patient, Health care, Security Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: July 3, 2012
Case 1: The Twins’ First Service Encounter

Based on the scale of market entities health care is intangible dominant. Health care is a service, health care provides us some sort of value, with out a physical good. A service is some sort of effort or performance, and health care falls in to that category. Health care is something a patient experiences not something they can put in a bag an carry with them. The servuction model includes four variable that directly can influence a service experience: servicescape, contact personnel/service providers, other customers, and organizations/systems. In reference to this case the variables of this model include:

The interior/exterior do the building
NICU/Grower rooms/Nesting rooms
Waiting rooms/patient rooms
Medical equipment/the beds/the chairs
Music in the lobby/lighting
The layout/helpfulness of signs in all areas
Pictures of the twins
Contact Personnel/Service Providers
Security guard-coldness
Triage nurse-robotism
The orderly-apathy
Dr. Baker and his assistant-not prepared or seemed to care
The nurses- not prepared/inattentive or very good and helpful NICU staff- very caring and understanding
Discharge Nurse
Other Customers
Other babies needing the Doctors attention
Other parents
The man at the entrance talking to the security guard
Invisible Organizations and systems
The steps taken in preparing patient rooms
The steps taken in filing medical documents
Steps taken in providing medicine
Nurses and Doctors schedules/shift changes
Steps taken to fulfill insurance needs

There are many corrective actions that should be taken in making sure era patients experience runs more smoothly. First, when arriving at the hospital the security guard should have been better trained to be more helpful in situations like that. Instead, he continued on with this conversation and did not direct the patient...
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