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The scope of my paper will address family preservation. Should families be separated because parents inherited bad parenting skills which mirror an absence of stability, consistency and organizational skills within the home? Are the Social Service programs that are currently in place really the answer in all cases; are they exercising exceptional operations management skills within the scope of services advertised or are they doing more harm than good? Should there be exceptions and interceptions in place in an attempt to reconcile and promote healthy relationships to keep a family actively functioning together? All of these questions bring me to my topic on family preservation. In our current study, operations management, we are learning to identify important characteristics on the behavior within an organization, a group of people identified by a shared interest or purpose. The functionality of ones household can be contributed to operations management, and many times, families are not equipped with the training or resources to accomplish necessary goals resulting in the functioning capacity less than that permitted by law.

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Family preservation is a social service program that is in effect in most states, and is housed by each state’s Department of Human Resources. The program is designed to keep families together by providing short term support and intervention services to children and families in their home, where the family unit can be observed, evaluated and treated together. It is based on the premise that birth families are the preferred means of providing family life for children, whenever that is possible. This paper addresses the history, legal policy, ethical, practice issues and possible demise of family preservation in the absence of practical operations management tactics....
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