Evaluating the Impact of Retail Surrounding on Consumer Behaviour

Topics: Tempo, Retailing, Online shopping Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Evaluate the impact of retail surrounding on consumer behaviour How can stores encourage business by managing the atmosphere?

In today's retail market, the competition has significantly increased in term of attracting the consumers by focusing on improving the atmosphere. Bitner (1990) stated that "Such atmospherics planning can make the difference between a business success or failure". However, this can be managed by a combination of particular aspects In order to reach the best result. Thus, this essay will highlight some of the important surroundings which, in turn, will affect the consumer's behaviour in both positive and negative ways. The first elements in this essay are the interior variables such as colour, music .in addition, the layout and design variable such as power aisle and clear (label) signs. Also this essay will discuss how can stores encourages business by managing the atmosphere in term of some of human variables specifically on the employee characteristics, uniform and greeting costumers. With regard to the interior variable, colour and music could play a key role in attracting the costumers. Initially, the definite attachable choice of colour in side stores is crucial. A study from Bellizzi and Hite (1992) has tested the effect of red and blue in shopping shown that red colour apparent as negative impact on shoppers, whereas blue appear to give peaceful, cool, and positive impact. The study also suggested that "More positive retail outcomes occurred in blue rather than red environment" Bellizzi and Hite (1992). Secondly, the accurate choice music can play essential role to set up the right environment for shoppers relaxation in term of time spending and money spending .However, the music tempo is very important as it shows in Kellaris and Kent (1991) study which indicated that the time spending in shopping depend on the music tempo which if it was fast tempo music the time spending on shopping will be longer than...
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