Service Encounter Report

Topics: Marketing, Service system, Customer relationship management Pages: 6 (1617 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Service Marketing
Service Encounter Report

Assignment 2

Name: Sun Yi
Due day: 19/09/2012

Letter of transmittal

Dear CEO

As an employee of the hotel, I hope this report can help the hotel's long-term development, improve a lot shortcomings and defects of service, and improve staff quality, service attitude and service level, increase the competitiveness of the hotel.

In recent years, there are more and more competition for hotel, peripheral consumption level unceasing enhancement, I believe that the management also felt the pressure by competitors, as a large hotel, it is necessary to improve the competitiveness, first of all,we must considerate the service marketing. We are the service industry after all; the customer is really pays attention to the level of service. We must catch this factor, then we can develop good service project.

The following article I'll specific analysis of the content of the service marketing, and guide. In order to improve the employee services and hotel overall image and operation to provide help. Yi Sun 12.09.2012

Service Encounter Report of Hotel

Executive Summary
The purpose of this article is to introduce the connotation of tourism hotel service marketing at the first, then analyses the characteristics of tourism hotel service marketing, and finally, analyses the tourism hotel service marketing strategy. And also in this essay, I will discuss the specific contents of the service marketing, and components.

Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. connotation of Tourism hotel service marketing
3. characteristics of Tourism hotel service marketing
4. discussion of marketing strategy
5. Conclusions
6. References

1. introduction
With the development of global tourism, hotel industry also get fast development, the global high-grade hotel’s quantity are quite huge, new competitors appear constantly. So if we want get better and faster development between the so many hotels, the high quality service is indispensable. Service marketing is the most important problem of the hotel industry, and how to do service, how to manage service, and also how to get a better operation in the teamwork, they all included by the service marketing category.

2. Connotation of Tourism hotel service marketing
  a) Service and service products. On the surface, the service is a very common thing; in fact, the service is a kind of complicated process. General Service has the following four major characteristics: intangibility, Inseparability (service production and consumption at the same time happen); heterogeneity, perish ability. These characteristics differentiate the marketing of services from the marketing of goods. (K.Douglas Hoffman, Services Marketing, 2010, pp.13)

Understand the service as a product, is the foundation of service management theory. Service pack by three compositions: core services; Convenience services; Supportive service. The core service is the cause of enterprise exists in the market, to provide accommodation is the core service for hotel services. In order to let the customer use the core services, usually need additional service, the hotel need hospitality services. Because of its role of facilitate core service, so that is convenience service. Supportive service is not facilitate core service consumption and use, but used to improve service value or service and distinguish from the competition. Such as the hotel food and beverage service that is belonging to the supportive service. Supportive services and convenience services of the distinction between the services is not so clear, but still can understand by this, convenience service is indispensable, core service will paralyzed without convenience service, and supportive service is only as a...
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