Hm370 Hospitality Management Paper

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  • Published: July 21, 2012
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Hospitality Management Paper: Palms Place Resort


Hospitality Management Paper
Understanding hospitality is an essential part of entering the industry. There are many moving parts that need to come together to create a successful enterprise. It is a industry largely dependent on image and the desire to cater to their guest every need. Regardless of what scale or specialty the organization is, mastery of hospitality management is essential to its success. To understand how to master the guest experiences, one must first define hospitality management, then experience firsthand their enterprise from the experience of the guest. Below is an example of a recent stay my wife and I had at the Palms Place resort and how it altered my understanding of hospitality management. Defining Hospitality Management

There is a wide range of professional actions for the better management of certain resorts, hotels, lodges etc. The study of certain professional actions for the better administration of these hotels, lodges etc is called the Hospitality Management. This management also includes with the administration of certain accounts, housekeeping, foods and beverage management, maintenance etc [Powers and Borrows (2006)].Customer service is the key factor for the better development of every hospitality organization. Being able to deliver the total customer experience is essential to the success of the industry. Recently I had the pleasure of this experience, as I stayed at the Palms Place resort in Las Vegas, Nevada for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

Palms Place Resort –Check-In

The Palms Place resort is renowned for its total customer service experience. They are dedicated to looking after each customer need immediately upon check in. As soon as we entered the building we were welcomed by the front desk staff. The front desk staff w spent a great deal of time going over all the amenities as well assisting us with booking dinner and going over to available shows in the area. It impressed my wife and I from the get go as our usual experience from previous hotels was simply to get out room keys and tell us when check out was. Then we were asked if we needed assistance with our bags and how to get our room. We stayed in the single suite, which had a kitchenette and additional living space. It was spacious and very comfortable. During our stay, we were able to take advantage of the additional amenities because the front desk clerk had taken the time to ensure that we were well informed. This initial consultation gave us a greater idea on how the resort is managed and what our experience will be like for the remainder of our stay. Included in our amenities was a wide variety of dining and beverage options.

Palms Place Resort- Food and Beverage

A critical offering and revenue generators for hotels and resorts is their capability to deliver food and beverages services. Besides meeting the greatest biological need of the organization guests, it assists in keeping guest revenue inside the resort(Walker, 2006). There were several onsite restaurants offering varying degrees of service. We decided to try the Palms upscale and full-service restaurant, Simon’s on our first night. The food was amazing, showcasing the executives chefs flair for fusion cuisine and the service was fantastic. Our server was extremely attentive and truly seemed invested in our needs from start to finish. The server was engaged in providing the best experience possible during our meal. One could tell that the Food and Beverage leadership team spent time coaching the staff on promoting a total customer experience. In addition to Simon there were several buffets and 24/7 room service. Beverage service was very prominent as there were several bars were on premise, each containing a varying level of depth and sophistication with their product offerings.

Palms Place Resort: Major Facilities

The rooms are spacious and clean. This...
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