Market Segment

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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. 1.What is the market segments targeted?
Market segment targeted that the company create the different marketing campaign that will satisfy to the different customer’s need. Therefore, business should be flexible with their service or product for keeping changing their product to match with the customer’s need. So the market segmentation will be able to build the loyalty relationship that will motivate the customer to buy the product or service again. According to the video case, Marriott Corporation International offers the program called “Marriott First Choice”. This program will create the service program that match with different customer’s need with the best quality and value value. For example, the business traveler can choose to stay any hotels in Marriott brand .Moreover, the program provides the special offer to the business traveler to change and negotiate some hotel service to satisfy the customer. 2. What marketing research was used?

Marketing research was studied to understand the customer’s need to create the best product or service. According to the video, the marketing research of Marriott will able to match with the Dow chemical’s need which are about focus group, quantitative survey, hotel spending analysis and hotel directory analysis. The marketing research customizes the service program of Marriott. This program can help the seller to find the right program or marketing campaign. This program satisfy the need of business traveler especially the specially service of Marriott to provide for Dow chemical’s employee which are evaluate the result of marketing research.

3. What product line development initiatives were launched?
According to the video case, Marriott developed four-product line that was able to fit into the different business traveler’s need. “Marriott Quality Hotel” has launched the brand to target the business travelers who consider about the quality of service. The hotel will provide the high quality of service and use...
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