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Server Program

A server position in the restaurant industry is responsible for a major portion of the customer service, communication, and hospitality within a business. The tasks that a job incumbent would perform in this position would help communicate one of these four messages to every guest; “I’m glad you are here,” “We have what you want when you want it,” “You get what you want when you want it,” and lastly “We want you back again.” These messages must be delivered to every guest with a flawless and personalized execution, and with zero defects in the basic service tasks. A job incumbent in this position is expected to maintain a positive and productive focus not only on the guests, but the employees, and also the principles of the company. This position emphasizes a direct focus on the both the guest’s as well as other employee’s needs. Also a server is expected to fulfill the principle of the company which is, “Great food, and great drinks prepared and served quickly by friendly people in a warm, and friendly atmosphere.” Lastly an expectation of credo meaning; trustworthiness, commitment, positivity, and respect is also necessary for the fulfillment of the task requirements for this position. I. Job analysis

There are various ways that research and information has been collected for a job analysis and matrices of this position. Personal experience in the profession has been a main means of research, as well as more than six years of observation of the actual tasks involved in the position, from peer incumbents as well as within different companies. The use of actual job descriptions from companies that involve this type of position, as well as conversing with incumbents that actually hold these positions currently has helped to maintain and collect crucial information for an analysis of the tasks expected for this position.

Job Summary
The server position in a restaurant is responsible for a major portion of guest service communication, and hospitality within the business. This position serves as a direct catalyst between fulfilling the company’s mission statement and relaying that mission statement to the guests. Some of the basic tasks involved in this profession are; timely and accurately communicating customer inquiries with precise and personalized execution, demonstrating product knowledge, as well as maintaining an enjoyable team oriented environment. This also involves promotion of products and sales, money handling, and self-marketing, all performed in a highly fast paced work setting. Job dimensions and task statements

Shift maintenance.
1. Prepare and organize service stations in opening shifts and in shift changes for necessary food and service operation. 2. Maintain clean, safe, and restocked service stations and tables. 3. Use proper tools & techniques if required.

4. Maintain proper sanitation procedures throughout all tasks. Avoid cross contamination of any sort. 5. Apply proper hand washing procedures before, during and after the service of food. 6. Break down, turn off, and clean food and service stations during closing shifts. Customer service

1. Greet guests immediately in a friendly and welcoming manner, as well as thank them and invite them to visit again. 2. Timely, and accurately record, repeat, and order all guest inquiries for efficient service. 3. Control and maintain standard food time delivery, food temperature delivery, food accuracy and quality delivery per the guests’ preferences. 4. Use ServSafe and Food Handler knowledge in proper and responsible sale of alcohol 5. Engage guests and other employees in a personalized and enjoyable environment. 6. Communicate positively with management, other employees, and guests for effective service. 7. Maintain the knowledge and ability to answer questions, explain, and suggestively sell food and beverages as well as the brand. 8. Satisfy and fulfill any and all customer...
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