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Topics: Health care provider, Health care, Patient Pages: 9 (2688 words) Published: April 23, 2013
(Measuring Service Quality of Hospitals in Larkana)

Author 1: Sumeet Seedani (SZABIST)
Contact #: 03333633233

Author 2: Naveed Anwar
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Table of contents:

Introduction and04
Literature Review05
Research Methodology08
Five Dimensions (Variables)09
Data Analysis10


Service quality is a concept that has stimulated considerable interest and debate in the research literature because of the difficulties in both defining and measuring it. Customer satisfaction and service quality always treated together as customer’s perception and expectation, and the gap will show the result of the total satisfaction. The aim of the study is to rank the 5 dimensions of the service quality to measure the service quality of hospitals in larkana with the help of SERVEQUAL Model. This study also examines the Service quality gap by measuring the gap between Hospital’s patient’s expectations and perceptions. This research shows that all the dimensions of the service are very much important for the service quality. Tangibility was rated as the most important dimension followed by assurance, reliability, responsiveness and empathy. The questionnaire used for this study was “SERVICE Quality: SERVEQUAL (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry 1986, 1988)”. The measurements used were on the basis of SERVEQUAL Model which is the best way to measure the service quality. This study state that the expectations were so much high but the perceptions are not that much strong and there is a huge gap between Patient’s Expectations and perception.

Key words: Service quality, Customer satisfaction, perception and expectation, gap, Tangibility, assurance, reliability, responsiveness empathy.

SERVEQUAL model is a method to measure a service quality. It was created in 1980’s especially for the projects related to marketing to find the perception of customer regarding the service quality. In SERVEQUAL, quality is defined through the gap or space which customer got and perceive regarding the service quality. It’s very difficult to understand and measure the service quality, especially in the field of service providers in health care field and if we talk about the larkana than its more complex that’s why I choose the SERVEQUAL model to measure the service quality of Larkana hospitals and medical centers to know the effect of service quality on the customer perception. This research examines the measurement of service quality in hospitals of larkana, through the help of SERVEQUAL model to know, what are the gaps between, the service perceived and got by the customers or patients in the larkana. Service quality is all about ensuring customers, both internal and external, get what they want. Customer satisfaction is a attitude or feeling of customer toward the service after using the service. Satisfaction and service quality is always treated together to know the perception. Satisfaction is defining customer perception and expectation, customer satisfactions is determined by defining customer perception of quality, expectation and preferences. It’s always arises a important question that why we measure the service quality? Because the measurement of service quality, is a comparison of before and after changes for the service quality. It also gives the solution of the problem for the betterment of service delivery standard. The main purpose of this research is to find the most important service quality dimensions that affect the customer satisfactions in hospitals in larkana, by using the SERVEQUAL model which is the best way to measure the service quality. Measuring the service quality is very crucial for the hospitals today, to improve the quality and image of the hospital, to study the...
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