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The problem definition is a very brief DESCRIPTION (not more than 255 characters) about the problem you are going to solve in your project work. The members of the review committee must have clear view of the nature o f problem you are going to work on. This will help in the speedy approval of your project proposal.

Listed below are some examples of problem definitions (submitted in the past) that have given a clear view to the reviewers on the nature of the problem.

General Management
Example 1
This study is to measure the service quality using the GAPS model in a higher educational institution.
Example 2
The study will focus on the variables that influence the maintenance of an effective supply chain in a departmental store chain.

Human Resource Management
Example 1
To understand the different patterns of workplace emotions, to know about the cause of emotions at work place, to identify the best methods of managing emotions at work place and to analyze the various impacts of emotional labor in the company. Example 2

To find out the nature and extent of job stress experienced by people working at different levels in the organizational hierarchy and to suggest remedial measures to overcome the problem of job stress.

F inancial Services Management
Example 1

To identify the awareness of DEMAT ACCOUNT in stock trading and to analyze the problem faced by respondent in online trading. To find out the investor satisfaction level in deposito ry services.
Example 2
This study is to identify the significance of financial statements and to forecast future earnings and profitability for a robu st policy making with regards to procurement and allocation of funds.

Retail Management
Example 1
This study is to determine the factors that influence e-shopping behavior b y net surfers.
Example 2
To identify the factors that influences the buyer...
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