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Topics: Dar es Salaam, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, Customer Pages: 5 (1245 words) Published: May 14, 2013
This research is conducted in University of Dar Es Salaam at Cafeteria 1. The University has 5 cafeterias which are commonly used by University students. Most of students use cafeteria as the only place to get meal at the campus. Most of Cafeterias have the capacity of accommodating 100 students for the same time. Purposive probability sampling method was employed to identify the sample respondents. In this study both primary and secondary sources of data were used to collect the needed information from the sources. The primary data were collected through administrating questionnaire from selected customers of Cafeteria 1. In order to get the answer for questions, 60 questionnaires were distributed to 60customers of University of Dar Es Salaam particularly undergraduate. From the 60 questionnaires, 60 responses were received.

The screening process resulted in non excluding responses from the study because of missing data items. The 60 respondents’ represent an effective response rate of 100% of the total sample. The questionnaire has two sections consisting of 16 questions. The first part of the questionnaire consists of issues related to the personal information of the respondent. It included the age, gender, educational background and frequency of use of the respondents. The second part was concerned with the questions used to assess service quality of the Cafeteria 1. The research instrument designed is based on the five dimensions of service quality and the 16 service items of the SERVPERF model. The developed questionnaire includes two items correspond to the tangibles dimension; three items correspond to the reliability dimension, four items correspond to the assurance dimensions, four items to the responsiveness and four items to empathy. Respondents were asked to indicate their degree of agreement with each of the items on five point likert scale. In this study, customer’s satisfaction on service offered by the Cafeteria 1. It was measured using a five-point likert scale. It comprised of questions that can be used to measure the students’ willingness to recommend the service to other people, their future commitment and intention of repurchase.

| | daily| weekly| monthly| |
education level| undergraduate| 40| 12| 7| 59|
| postgraduate| 0| 1| 0| 1|
Total| 40| 13| 7| 60|

Cafeteria 1 is mostly used by undergraduate from various colleges and schools around the university campus. Most of the postgraduate students are staying off campus and most of them attend evening programs. So few of them who are full time use cafeterias. And most of the students from our sample are staying at campus and they frequently use the cafeteria services for breakfast, lunch and supper.

| | daily| weekly| monthly| |
sex | male| 19| 10| 5| 34|
| female| 20| 3| 2| 25|
Total| 39| 13| 7| 59|

The number of customers especially core customers from the sample group studied is 39 customers. It shows that Cafeteria 1 has many core customers who are attending daily in taking the meal. The data shows that many girls (female) are attending the cafeteria daily compared to boys (male),on daily basis the average of 20 female attend the cafeteria compared to male which is 19 per day from the sample selected. Most of female attend Cafeteria 1 because Cafeteria 1 prepare more chips which is the favorable food for ladies/females. In measuring the SERVPERF we selected to use the dimensions which measure the service quality by using Tangibility, Responsiveness, Assurance, reliability and empthay.The tables below demonstrate the analysis of data by using SERVPERF dimensions

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