Serial Killer Speech Essay

Topics: Serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy Pages: 4 (988 words) Published: March 1, 2012
COM 103: Public Speaking
Specific Goal: To inform my audience about the psychology of the serial killer. Introduction:
A. There are possibly 20-100 of them active in the U.S.
B. They are sociopathic, psychopathic monsters that hide behind the masks of normal everyday people. C. They have no conscience, no empathy, no feelings or remorse. Only apathy. A dark empty world where the only sense of satisfaction and feeling comes from taking the life of another.

D. What causes this type of behavior? What could make someone commit such grisly crimes for the sake of mere pleasure?
E. Today I will be talking to you about the psychology of the serial killer.
F. We have all been exposed to these types of people, whether it be the news, movies , tv shows, or old campfire stories when we were younger.
1. These people are very real and walk among us unnoticed. We are unaware what lies behind their mask of sanity.
G. I will briefly describe to you how someone can develop these tendencies: childhood trauma, brain injuries, and/or predestined traits. (Let us first begin with what is believed to be the main cause: homelife.) I. According to modern criminology, the biggest factor in the development of homicidal tendencies comes from a child's upbringing.

A. In nearly every case, the killer was raised in a severly disfunctional and abusive household; physical, mental, sexual, or all.
B. Raising a child in such an environment can cause them to view the world as a hateful place where human relations are based upon power, suffering, and humiliation.
C. In homes where harsh discipline was viewed as a way of "toughening up" the child, they developed fantasies of domination and control. Fantasies that would be carried out later in life.

D. Mothers are usually to blame:
1. According to Steven Egger in his book...
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