Sentence Structure Practice

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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1. Sentence Pattern 1 - Simple
a. I find politics to be entertaining.
b. I like to play football.
c. I have a younger brother.
d. I do not enjoy watching soccer.
2. Sentence Pattern 2 – Compound with comma and conjunction e. My parents bought me a new phone, but I have to pay for my service. f. My brother is in 7th grade, so he is taking pre-algebra. g. I looked for twenty minutes, yet I couldn’t find my sunglasses. 3. Sentence Pattern 3 – Compound with semicolon

h. I prefer to use tape; it is effective adhesive and removable. i. My favorite game is Battleship; it is easy to learn and fun to play with friends. j. Trigonometry was difficult for me to learn; it required a lot of memorization. 4. Sentence Pattern 4 – Compound with an independent marker k. I tend to vote democratic; therefore, I support Barack Obama in this election l. I think Democrats have a solid plan to fix our economy; however, I believe the Republican plan could be more effective. m. Yesterday, I went to the bookstore; also, I went shopping with my brother. 5. Sentence Pattern 5 – Complex sentence with dependent clause in the beginning n. Although I enjoy listening to rock music, I don’t like to listen to The Rolling Stones. o. Because I went to the bank yesterday, I have enough money to pay for our dinner. p. If I run out of contacts, I will have to go to the optometrist to get new ones. 6. Sentence Pattern 6 – Complex Sentence with dependent clause at the end q. I enjoy watching “How I Met Your Mother” because it is funny and the characters are interesting. r. I get to organize our homecoming banner since I am the president of the Junior class. s. I always liked math until I reached the tenth grade. 7. Sentence Pattern 7 – Embedded non-essential clause

t. My school, located in New York, is one of the best public schools in the country u. My...
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