Review of Structure Sentence Transformation

Topics: Trigraph, Gh, Dependent clause Pages: 6 (1533 words) Published: May 22, 2011

Model 1 : Because /as/ since + clause
[pic]Because of/ due to/ owing to + noun/ V-ing
Because she behaves well, everybody loves her
[pic]Because of her good behaviour, everybody loves her
Model 2 : although/ thought /even though + clause
[pic]Despite /in spite of + Noun/ V-ing
In spite of being tired, they stayed until they found out what happened
[pic]Although they very tired, they ……
Model 3 : too + adj (for sb) + to-inf
[pic]So + adj + that (clause)
Such + (a/an adj) noun + that (clause)
The box was too heavy that the children couldn’t carry it
[pic]It was such a heavy box that the children coyldn’t carry it Model 4 : too + adj (for sb) +to-inf
[pic]Not + adj + enough (for sb) + to-inf
Mary is too young to grt married
[pic]Marry isn’t older enough to get married
Model 5 : adj + enough (for sb) + to-inf
[pic]So + adj + that (clause)
Such + (a/an adj) noun + that (clause)
[pic]This question is easy enough for us to answer
[pic]It is such an easy question thet we can answer
Model 6 : so + adj +that(clause)
Such + (a/an adj)noun + that(clause)
[pic]Too + adj (for sb) + to-inf
Adj + enough (for sb) + to-inf
It was such an interesting novel that I read it many times
The noval was interesting enough for me to read many times
Model 7 : so + adj + that (clause)
Such + (a/an adj ) noun + that (clause)
The film was so good that I saw it three times
[pic]It was such adj good film that I saw it three times
Model 8 : to-inf + be +adj
To sit here with you is so nice
[pic]It's so nice to sit here with you
[pic]it's so nice sitting here with you
[pic]how nice it is to sit here with you
Model 9 : to-inf + be + adj /noun
S + V + it + adj/noun + to-inf
To live on my salary must be hard
[pic]I find it hard to on my salary
Model 10 : condition sentences
a) I can't see the play because it is soiled oiut
[pic]if the play weren’t soiled out, I could see it
b) we didn’t go on holiday because we didn’t have enough money
[pic]if we had had enoughj money we could have come on holiday Model 11 : if … not [pic] unless
Unless you phone me immediately, you’ll get some information
If you phone me immediately, you will get some information
Model 12 : wish
a)My wife can't speak English
[pic]I wish my wife could speak English
b) what adj pity you failed in your driving test
[pic]I wish you hadn’t failed in your driving test
c) She won’t visit me again
[pic]I wish she would visit me again
Model 13 : S + V (pre perfect) + time
[pic]It is + time + since + clause (V-simple past)
a) tom and marry have been married for 5 years
[pic]it is 5 years since tom and marry got married
b) I haven’t my parents for 1 month
[pic]it's 1 month since I last saw my parents
Model 14 : S + have/has not + V(pp)
[pic]… first time + S + have/has + pp
I haven’t seen that man here before
[pic]It's the first time I have seen that man here
Model 15 : S + have/has not + V(pp) + since/for
[pic]S + last + V (past) + when (clause)
The last times + S + was
a) I haven’t heard him since August
[pic]the last times I heard him was in August
b)I haven’t seen him since I was a student
[pic]the last times I saw him when I was a student
Model 16 : S + V (past) + ago
[pic]S + have/has been + V-ing + since/for
He started working for this factory a year ago
[pic]He had been working for this factory since last year
Model 17 : S+V + ...time
[pic]It take (O) + time + to-inf
She typed the letter in 20 minutes
[pic]It took her 20 minutes to type the letter
Model 18 : S + V + not + untill …..
[pic]It was not until… that…
Tom didn’t begin to read until he was eight
[pic]It was not until tom was eight that he began to read
Model 19 : Causative form
+ Active : S + V + O
S + have + O1 + inf + O2...
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