Sentence Patterns

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13 Sentence Patterns

Pattern A

A single modifier out of place for emphasis

Modifier S.V

To place additional emphasis on any modifier put it somewhere other than its normal place in the sentence. You must have a comma to keep reader from misinterpreting the sentence.

Single words before, inside, or below may look like prepositions instead of singular adverb if comma is not used.

Unclear: inside the child was noisy.

Clear: inside, the child was noisy.

Incorrect: Francesca liked to occasionally wade in the neighbor’s pool.

Correct: Occasionally, Francesca liked to wade in the neighbor’s pool.

Incorrect: The professor tried to further illustrate the point of the essay.

Correct: The professor tried to illustrate further the point of the essay.

Examples Pattern A: Below, the traffic looked like a necklace of ants.

Pattern B

Prepositional Phrase Before S-V

Prepositional phrase (,) S V

• Anywhere a mouse can go

Off, When, Under, Over, Through, Between, Behind

A word that shows the relationship between 2 nouns.

Put one or more Phrases at the beginning of the sentence use a comma after a single prepositional phrase.

For example these sentences must have comma.

After that, time had no meaning for him.

In the library, books are plentiful.

These sentences do well without a comma.

• Until next summer there will be no more swimming.

• During the winter months tom worked as a trapper.

Example Pattern B: With slow and stately cadence the honor guard entered the castle grounds. Down the field the Heisman Trophy winner ran.

Pattern C

A Series Without A Conjunction

• For

• And

• Nor

• But

• Or

• Yet

• So

In between 2 independent clauses. ( Complete sentence)

This pattern is the simplest form of the series. The items are separated by commas, and no conjunction links the final two items.


Omitting this conjunction is effectively, for it gives your sentence a quick staccato sound.

Example Pattern C:

Since the unification of Berlin, walls have come down, barriers have broken, and bonds have been formed.

Variation Of Pattern C:

A or B or C (in any place of the sentence)

A or B or C (in any place of the sentence)

Explanation: occasionally you will want to vary patter C instead write a series with conjunctions between all items (usually not more than three). These sentences will have a tumbling rhythm.

Example Of Variation Of C:

Even though Larry has many handicaps, he is always cheerful and friendly and helpful.

Pattern D

A series of balanced pairs

A and B, C and D, E and F

Explanation: An even number of items. (Four or six or eight)

Remember: Creates a balance rhythm. The rhythm is more important featured. Hear the balance against each other.

Example Pattern D:

• Antony Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isoide, Lancelot and Guinevere.

• “God is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, surfeit and hunger.”

Pattern E

Dependent clause in a pair or a series.

Explanation: At the beginning or end of a sentence. It can be natural, relaxed but never forced.


• Clause in front must be dependent.

• Must be parallel in structure.

Example of Pattern E:

• Because it may seem difficult at first, because it may sound awkward or forced, because it often creates lengthy sentences where the thought “gets lost” this pattern seems forbidding to some writes.

• F – Since he had little imagination and since he displayed even less talent, he wasn’t hired for the job.

• B –...
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