The Implementation of the National Service Training Program in the University of Rizal System- an Assessment

Topics: Community, SWOT analysis Pages: 3 (406 words) Published: May 6, 2011


Some of the problems met in the implementation of the National Service Training Program of the University of Rizal System based on the SWOT Analysis made:


a. Not all facilitators in NSTP Attended seminar orientation for teachers; b. Facilitators are not given incentives/benefits for community works; c. Most NSTP Subjects were given to teachers who are under-load; d. Late submission of Accomplishment Reports by Campus;

e. Unable to accommodate students in their chosen NSTP Component due to lack of facilitators; f. Lack of rooms for NSTP subject to use;
g. No distinct Office or unit to oversee the implementation of the NSTP components; h. Available textbook used is inappropriate for Communities served in Rizal; i. Lack of budget to ensure the sustainability of the NSTP Projects; j. Budget not included in the procurement planning;

k. Other Schools are more competitive in community services due to their allotted funds for community works; and l. Lack of funding support given by the LGUs.


a. More competent teachers who are willing to undergo community works; b. Proper scheduling of NSTP classes;
c. Re-alignment of Community Services in line with the Program Area of each College; d. Creation of NSTP Module appropriate for NSTP Community needs in Rizal; e. Established an office for the NSTP Components:

f. NSTP budget to be included in the Annual Procurement Plan for allocation of fund;


1. To produce more competent and efficient facilitators in NSTP – CWTS and LTS programs; 2. To established an NSTP university office for the three components of NSTP with its organizational structure; 3. To create a module for NSTP subjects to be used by the students; and 4. To realign the different community services to the college program area offered.

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