Sensory Branding

Topics: Marketing, Sense, Perception Pages: 14 (5050 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Table of Contents
2)Sensory marketing2
3)The five senses6
The product8
The point-of-sale8
The product handling10
People-to-people contact11
Thermal environment11
The product’s scent12
The atmosphere’s perfume12

1) Introduction
I have decided to write my paper about sensory marketing. I have chosen this topic for three reasons. The first one is the fact that I study management and more particularly the marketing. This year I have had six courses based on marketing aspects (consumer behaviour, intelligence marketing, strategy marketing, marketing communication, retail management and E-commerce, and new product development). Those courses are really important for the formation of new managers. The second reason is linked to the concept. Marketing is moving all the time. Every year, there are some new things in this field. I think that people who are interested in marketing or people who study this subject have to know the new trends. If those people are not conscious of innovations, they can miss an opportunity and fail in their missions. The third reason is linked to my personal life. Since I have been studying marketing, I take care to all strategies in this field. Several themes will be developed about sensory marketing. My paper will be divided in 4 main parts. Initially, the first part will be devoted to an explanation of sensory marketing. A definition is useful to make sure that everybody knows exactly what sensory marketing is. Objectives and advantages of sensory marketing will be developed in the first part. Afterwards, the five senses will be set out. The third part will be devoted to some examples in several fields to illustrate concepts. Finally, my opinion about sensory marketing and new strategies will be given. 2) Sensory marketing

According to ‘’ which gives a general definition of the concept, sensory marketing is an effective tool in gaining sensory consumer insights for marketing strategy. It measures and explains emotional consumer decision making by variability of products, concepts, packaging, and marketing mix scenarios to ensure long-lasting success. A sense is: any faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste or touch by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body (Oxford English dictionary) Sensory marketing tries to fill in the deficiencies of “traditional marketing”. This one is too rational. It is based on the idea that customer is rational; that his behaviour doesn’t follow reasoned steps according to the offer, the competition, the answer to his need. By contrast, the experiences lived by the consumers and his feelings are put in process by sensory marketing. These experiences have sensorial, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and relational dimensions, not only functional. The consumer is behaving according to his impulsions and emotions, more than his reason. According to many marketers and also consumers, for technically similar product people will not choose necessarily the cheaper product. The affectivity, perception and pleasure are more important than the price. Brands have to differentiate their product by other characteristics than price and assortment. Philip Kotler (professor in marketing strategy and international marketing) stressed in 1973 the importance of the atmosphere in a store. However, sensory marketing has become more popular until 2000’s. This new tool is really important for marketing department in all of big companies because it is a great success. This success can be explained in two different ways. On the one hand, sensory perception brings a comfortable feeling, a sense of reality that consumer looks for because of the development of virtual in our society. On...
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