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Topics: Demographics, Marketing, The Pack Pages: 4 (1026 words) Published: March 4, 2011

Thick, rich and delicious chocolate sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate biscuits topped with sugar crystals! This definitely calls to “indulge one’s dark side”. The brand I have selected for this project work is “Britannia BOURBON”. India's first and favourite Bourbon's sweet adventure began in 1955. Earlier when Britannia launched “TREAT”, it included BOURBON in this category itself but soon realized that this does not get much response from all customers.It got more concentrated only on children. So they changed the target of BOURBON to all the class of people of all the age groups, primarily adolescents and adults unlike TREAT which was targeted only towards the children. So Britannia played smart and re- launched the Electric Ebony as the Original BOURBON.

Here I am going to analyse the marketing aspects of the product from different perspectives.

This is the format of the questionnaire that I have prepared to know about the customers attitude towards the product:- 1. Have you ever had BRITANNIA BOURBON?
2. If yes, how frequently you are having it?
d)Alternate days
e)When you think to have it
3. How do you like to have it?
a)At one go
b)Opening the chocolate couplet and licking the cream
c)Alternate it with sips of coffee or tea
d)Enjoying it with a book
4. Are u a bourboneer?

5.How do you rate the ad of by Anurag Basu ? Does it convey the tag line “andar se kuch aur, Bahar se kuch aur!” ?

6.How much do you think the tagline ” induge your darkside” is right? a)Good
7.When are you having it?
a)At breakfast
b)As a snack
c)When you are hungry
d)At the time of leisure

9.Do you think this product is available in affordable price? a)Yes
b)May be
10.Do they have to improve their product?

11.Do you suggest this to your friends?
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