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Long Write-up: Greeley Hardcopy-B Finally, the Greeley Hardcopy (GHC) Portable Scanner Initiative got its sponsor that would support its project throughout its research and development phase. This is in the name of Phil Faraci who took over as the General Manager of GHC handling both the Flatbeds and Portable businesses. During the previous phases of research and development of the Portable Scanner, despite being recognized as a very promising product, it faced several challenges in terms of support, budget & focus. For over five years the product did not take off and observed as a very slow-paced development. The pace of the project was so slow that it passed-on from one leadership into another in the organization. Its failure in its initial stages (Greeley Hardcopy – 1) to take-off and become a product was attributed to the following: 1) Indecisiveness in supporting the Portable scanner project - management cannot make immediate decision whether to support the project. Management was delaying the decision by asking more information about the viability of the product in the market. One marketing person had even commented that the information was already given previously. 2) Absence of clear direction given to the project 3) Budgetary allocation on the project – there was even 1 instance that the budget allocated to the portable was reallocated to the flatbed business. 4) Lack of support from the management team 5) Internal conflict between units – there was conflict between the HP labs and the GHC. Conflict could also be seen between Flatbed and Portable.

6) Lack of project ownership from the senior management team – It was only Frank Carau and Ben Walker, who are juniors that are handling the project. It does not have enough clout to direct and influence the project on the senior management levels. However, with the leadership and sponsorship of Phil Faraci, the project came into a turn-around from being a slow-paced to fast-paced project, from being a neglected team to being a special team and from being low budget team to high budget team. Within a short period of 2 years, Phil Feraci together with the team was able to put the initial product into production. How did this happen? Establishing the Senior Management Team of Portable Scanning Project. Phil Faraci recognized that there was lack of ownership in the project that was why it failed to take off. He knew that the project needed a leader that would assume ownership of the project until it would be brought into production line and would become a full pledge product released to its consumers. He needed a leader with an authority that could influence people across the organization, a leader that can withstand any opposition that would come along its way in pursuit of achieving its mandated goal, a leader with proven integrity that will be followed by his team members and co-workers in other departments. He appointed a senior person in the name of Mark Oman. This was a very good choice for Phil since Mark Oman had the seniority to make things happen. He had been with the company for quite a long time and the people that worked with him trusted him and respected his integrity. He was being described as fair and above board. He had a reputation of unselfish and always worked for the best of the division he is working on. With these qualities, he was the best fit to champion the portable scanner project. He was heavyweight man fit to run a very important and problematic project. His influence in the

organization will be advantageous to project since he would be able to make critical decision that will be supported by the majority in the organization because of his given integrity. Phil Faraci also retained Frank Carau and Ben Walker who had been working with the project for a long time. This is the best choice since both of them already know the technical aspect of the R&D initiative as well as the markets and marketability of the portable scanning device. By...
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