Tiscali Case

Topics: Management, Failure, Project management Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: May 20, 2008
Who are the main players and what are their expectations?
Soru – Founder and CEO of Tiscali
Expectations: His goal is to present Tiscali as a single reality, through respecting real local needs. He expect to achieve this by successfully implementing the project UNIT which will be the standardized information system in 12 months Pulvirenti – CIO of Tiscaly

Expectations: he is the project manager, so he expect the success of the project within deadline. Future Italia – outside collaborators
Expectations: deliver the project within the dead line.
Country Managers
Expectations: adapt local needs into the system.
7 millions Customers
Expectations: release the network
Different companies bought by Tiscali
Expectations: no fail of the project and continuing of their job. Which factors contributed to the case’s success?
-The pressure, as well as the support from the CEO was a crucial element for the success of the project. Indeed, design and changes of the information system is very difficult, and to convince country managers and employees to change their working habits is even more difficult. Without the pressure (i.e. strict deadline) and support from the CEO, there is no way the project could have been successful. -Also, there had to be a very good project manager to organize and implement the project. In this case, he was fully committed to the project and he also had the ability to manage the project. For example, he had a clear structure of the phases of the project, was able to define which option to choose, was able to identify the project and area representatives etc. -This project was a big challenge for everyone involved, so the importance of the project could become a motivation. -Project teams were lead by Tiscali member and there was a great distinction of team responsibilities. -They started with the most complex county (UK) from an offer point of view and learnt what could be capitalized in other countries. -The...
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