Semester Review

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Sean Hensarling
ENGI 2304
Mrs. McLay
Semester Review Essay

Sean Hensarling
Semester Review Essay
This essay will describe the progress I have made over this last semester to improve my writing ability in order to assess the effectiveness of the engineering technical writing course ENGI 2304, otherwise known as Technical Communications. I will discuss the writing process I have developed over the course of the semester, and then elaborate on how my writing ability has improved. Following that, I will choose my best and worst writing assignment from my portfolio and explain why I feel that these assignments are my best and worst. After discussing my best and worst assignments, I will illustrate to what extent I foresee writing will be involved in my professional career as an engineer, and to what extent I feel prepared to write at the level expected of an engineer.

When I began the semester I would write my papers without brainstorming, and with only a brief scan of the document as a substitute for editing. I now write out the main ideas of a paper before I begin to start writing a draft. This allows me to gather my thoughts in a coherent manner and ensure that I meet all the objectives of the writing assignment. These main points are then organized in the order that provides the most fluid structure. Once these ideas are arranged, the actual writing of the paper may begin. Once I finish what I feel completes a paragraph, I reread the paragraph, and then reread the entire document. This repetitive reading ensures that the newest paragraph fits in tone and context to the previous paragraph and relates to the assignment as a whole. I made this change in my writing process so that my writing process could become more efficient and thus save me time and stress. My class schedule is demanding this semester and requires that I have a larger amount of time for my other classes than I would prefer to allocate.

My writing ability has improved over the...
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