Self Reflection Health Psychology Essay

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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LO’s covered:

Week 12
* Describe the changes in sexual attitudes and behaviour of young people in Ireland. * Discuss the social, economic and cultural explanations for the increase in the rate of teenage pregnancy in Ireland over the past decade. * Describe current public policy and guidance as it pertains to the sexual health of young people.

Week 13
Describe the psychology of bereavement with reference to adult grief responses and the stages of mourning.

Week 15
Discuss issues arising in relation to patients diagnosed with an ultimately fatal disease.

Lectures covered:

1. Introduction to health Psychology
2. Abnormal psychology
3. Psychological responses to illness 1
4. Stress and health 1

Evidence of reflection on your study/experiences of health psychology as it applies to medicine to date.


Health psychology is the study of the link between psychosocial factors and health. Crucially it requires me to develop my analysis of a patient beyond the traditional biomedical model and develop an ability to identify and assess the potential impact of social and psychological influences.

In our 5th week of this course we were presented with a 15-year-old mother of one requesting a prescription for emergency contraception. This girl has a 6-month-old baby and is now having regular unprotected sex with a 24 year old. I am ashamed to admit that at the time this case was presented to us I found it utterly ridiculous that a girl with apparent extensive social interaction could be so ignorant regarding what I considered well-publicised topics such as contraception. However our PBL tutor soon relayed some of her own experiences regarding the lack of awareness among the general public as regards sexual practices. This girl had “only heard bad things about the pill” and was reluctant to use condoms, as her partner did not like them. This was apparently sufficient reason to...
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