Hca 250 Final Project

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Health Psychology Committee Report
University of Phoenix

Health Psychology Committee Report
Health Psychology is a specialty that focuses on how different biological, psychological, social and behavioral factors influence the recovery of ones health and illnesses. The committee has set forth five specialists to collaborate on the study of the illness and to give specialized treatment in each area of recovery while dealing with such situations. (Cherry, 2000, p. 1) Each case is a specialized issue requiring treatment of each of the five different areas of Psychology input and or treatment. The five areas include a Psychologist that will work on specific issues that pertain to their area of study and or profession. The five Psychologist will include a Substance abuse counselor; Inpatient-only Psychologist; Child Psychologist; Adult Psychologist and finally a Rehabilitation Psychologist to focus on the after care portion of the recovery process. In the substance abuse counselor role, the abuse counselor will collaborate and coordinate the use of recovery programs and structured programs for substance abuse in conjunction with a social worker to aid in the assessment and to develop a plan of recovery for our patients. In this area the psychologist will clarify the frequency and duration of substance use if any and confirm the substance abuse pattern of the patient. The substance abuse counselor will also determine the severity of substance related problems in the last 12 months. The counselor will then determine if there was ever any substance abuse treatment history and review any medications and medical conditions of the patients. Once this process is complete the substance abuse counselor will do an in depth assessment, complete a family interview and give specialized treatment diagnosis, followed by continued therapy to prevent relapse of substance abuse. The substance abuse counselor will then forward necessary information about the patient to the Inpatient-only Psychologist. The Inpatient-only Psychologist will then Diagnose stress disorders and aid in stress-relief interventions, and utilize various methods to facilitate adjustment and coping skills with patients suffering a chronic or terminal illness. The inpatient-only psychologist will also contribute to improving in patient health by helping the patient and his or her families learn coping methods to deal with their illness. Providing specific inpatient therapies and services to the patients admitted to the hospital is a necessary portion of the recovery process for the patients. Many patients have been admitted into the hospital because they lack certain self-help skills and will to kick their habit. Being an inpatient will also help the individual and their family members by giving family therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions to the patients. Once the sessions are complete the individual will be referred to specific support groups if they choose to participate in this portion of the treatment process. In addition, the role of the inpatient-only psychologist will also give support to the improvement and the maintenance of the patient’s recovery by helping the patients adjust to their illness and help them learn to maintain their usual lifestyle. The Inpatient-only Psychologist will then forward necessary document to continue treatment with a Child Psychologist for child patients, and an Adult Psychologist for adult patients. The Child Psychologist will provide psychological preparation methods for children prior to medical procedures, and Collaborate with local schools. The child psychologist will also give insight to children and families on how to prepare for hospitalization if needed. The need for such preparation is a prediction on the belief that hospitalizations and surgery are traumatic, anxiety-producing experiences for children and their...
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