Self Evaluation of Persuasive Presentation Memo- Gambling

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Eye contact, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Subject: Claim to cancel the legitimacy of gambling

My presentation was on the bad roles of gambling to the American society. The objective was to convince the audience to claim the cancelation the legitimacy of gambling given its consequences such as the loss of health and money. My topic was appropriate for my classmates. My approach started with little connection between the financial crisis and gambling and how people could not pay their obligations to banks. In my presentation, I tried to simplify the topic so that it could be easily understood by my classmates given the complexity of the subject. As such, I managed to accomplish 95-97% of my presentation goals.

The organization and development of my presentation was divided into three points. The first category was to clarify some misconceptions about gambling. For instance, people perceive gambling as a hobby. I persuaded them to understand that gambling is a serious business. In addition, I informed the audience that, as individuals we cannot control chance or luck. The second point elaborated on the health risks associated with gambling. Here, I mentioned the serious disease associated with people addicted to gambling. The diseases were such as liver disease, high blood pressure, increased rates of heart diseases and angina. My final point was ideally to support my presentation goal. I was able to convince them to claim to cancel gambling indirectly via clearly showing the existing relationship between gambling and increased rate of crimes and drug business. As a matter of fact, I made an outline to my professor to make sure that my structure was easy to follow. I provided enough testimony when I used the statistic. Throughout my presentation, I used transitions to navigate from one point to another. Unfortunately, my conclusion ended abruptly as my time was already out. Therefore, I was unable to conclude what I had prepared for my audience.

My use of verbal communication was fine as...
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