Poker Regulation Persuasive Speech Outline

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Persuasive Outline

Persuasive goal: Why online poker should be regulated in the states. I am persuading a question of fact, value, or policy? Policy I am persuading my audience to take action in what way? Understand online poker should be regulated and to get people to reach out to an elected official. I will focus on the following emotional appeal/need? Do what is right in a free country. I. Introduction

a) Talk about how I became part of poker movement.
b) On April 15th last year a huge number of people lost their jobs. Direct people to with the thousands of stories of people that played online poker. c) Online poker should be regulated in the United States. d) Talk about my history with online poker and the movement. e) Today I will talk about the views of poker in society and the benefits of regulation. (It is no surprise that many people are opposed to gambling, but) II. Online poker needs to be regulated.

a) It is happening whether you know it or nor.
1. Now it is just more unsafe. I know firsthand.
2. No regulations for problem gamblers.
b) With regulation problem gambling could be watched more carefully. 1. Explain why prohibition will not help the problem gamblers. 2. Two things I hear people say is that online poker is more addictive than live poker, and kids are at risk. * According to the PPA’s website which cites numerous articles and polls, the percentage of people that play poker online for money at least once a month is 1.4% (7 million people), and those that play in home games is 1.1% (5 million people), and private clubs .4% (2 million people). People that say they have played in a casino in the last year is 1.6% (10 million people). * And for the kids

* Plenty of places to play.
* Without regulation there are no safeguards.
(Summarize: Poker is going to continue whether US involved or not. With the information I found you can see online poker is no more...
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