Self-Directed Health Behavior Change

Topics: Problem solving, Motivation, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Self-Directed Health Behavior Change
Final Behavior Change Report:
Decreasing the Amount of Time Spent on Facebook

HPRO 509
Winter 2010
Principles of Health Behavior

Lap T. Le
ID# 8847184

a. Project Goals
By Monday, on the 10th week of Winter Quarter, March 15th, I will decrease the frequency, and length of login time spent on Facebook to 3 logins per day, and no more than 20 minutes per login session (no more than 60 minutes per day). My goal is not to completely suppress the unwanted behavior, but mindfully develop new and more effective behaviors in place of the old, unwanted behavior –namely, to be more productive with studying. A self-contract have been written and signed, which will help increase my chance of success. The goal is to reduce the frequency and duration in incremental steps (shaping, approximation) with measureable feedbacks in order to assure a sense of self-efficacy (confidence) belief for the likelihood of success of the long-range goal. Table 1: Shaping (Goals & Subgoals)

Date to Accomplish(Subgoals)| Frequency of LoginPer Day| Duration of Login Per Day (minutes)|
Baseline Data (01/11/10 – 01/31/10)| 10| 120|
02/20/01| 8| 100|
02/28/01| 5| 80|
***03/15/01***| 3| 60|

b. Problem Solving
With the inevitable coming of midterms, presentations, labs, and school work—the stress has become a problem. I’ve lost focus on both short-range and long-range goals in changing the behavior. I slipped up and made a mistake, and temporarily lapsed to going to back to Facebook for a long duration. Before I could realize, it has become a complete relapse, going back to a full-blown pattern of unwanted behavior, or even worst. I stopped record keeping from 02/23/10 till now. This has made it even worst. I’ve realized that I went on Facebook, much more frequently even more than the baseline, in both frequency and duration of each login. I’ve also noticed that it is a cycle: stress induces the...
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