Behavior Change Project: Daily Exercise

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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Trenton Edwards
Behavior Change Project
This behavior change project was to increase the amount of exercise I did daily. My goal was to do several exercises once daily for a total of seven days. The data that I collected from doing my exercise daily showed that I was doing about 30 to 45 minutes of activity a day. I usually exercised in the morning when I woke up; I also did a few active things throughout the day, such as, walk, play sports, and go for a run. My goal for changing this behavior was to see if the daily exercise would make me feel more refreshed throughout the day. I realized that doing the exercises in the mornings when I woke up made me feel better throughout the day and it was easier for me to focus in classes. The exercises I did consisted of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, jogging in place, basketball, walking, and running. The exercises I did when I woke up took a total of 10 minutes before I went to class each morning. The time that it took to do the other exercises, such as, running and basketball varied depending on what I did and when I did it. I used different factors to motivate me to do the exercises every morning, I knew that if I got up early enough to do my exercises that I would also have time to grab breakfast before class. I would also feel guilty if I skipped the exercises so I would do them the first chance I got. I put sticky notes on my door and mirror to remind me to do my exercises each morning, and that seemed to help me remember to do them before I left for class. I realized that sometimes I would have distractions when trying to do my exercises; these distractions included the television, music, and roommates. I believed that I would benefit from doing these daily exercises by feeling better throughout the day, staying healthy, and possibly even sleeping better at night. I also thought that the exercises would help weight loss and give me a metabolism boost. The exercises could also affect my...
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